Heather Siple's

In the Garden

A love of the Earth, with its eternal ebbing and flowing of life, unchanging fluctuations and infinite variations -- it's what unites the farmer, the casual gardener and the wander in the woods in a common spirit. We embrace each season of the cycle in its turn as each has its own role in life. We wake with the spring, and begin to work, play in the sun, smell the rain, daydream in the shade, and nurture our environment where we can through summer's warmth. Fall arrives and we harvest the last of our labors, crunching through fallen leaves. We rest with the frost and watch the snow. We dream up plans for the Earth's next awakening, like tiny seedlings sprouting beneath the ice.


Dandelion's Mane

Wet Grass

Oak Leaves

Fuzzy Tulip Bud

Catterpillar Morning


Bluebells 1

Amaryllis Rising

Amaryllis Reaching

Ant and Berry

Milkweed Montage


Melting Snow

Floating Leaf

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