Heather Siple's


I love the way changes in lighting transform structures. They become more than what they are and yet somehow less real in the bargain. Ever since I was a young girl, I have found myself staring ceaselessly at shadows on the walls. The abstract patterns of shades and textures grab my attention in a way I can only describe as being ?kidnapped by a sunbeam.? The projection of one thing?s shape onto another?s texture seems to speak to me without words. In developing this body of work, I began by exploring these elements in two separate realms, the human and the natural, looking for stories in the shadows. What I found along the way was a curious interplay of human and natural, a place where neither rules and both are part of each other.


Conversation Between Shadows


Foggy Morning Camp-Out, French Creek, PA


Snowy Fence


Looking Down the Stairs


Geometries 2








Not Quite One of the Crowd








Battered Ladder


Disconnected Shadow


Torn Steel


Iron Saguaro


Claymont Water Tower


Grass Shadows


Rough Ribs


Tin Roof


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